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Concrete Placing Boom Certification

Flowcrete will complete your concrete placing boom certification in a timely and professional manner. The work carried out will be generally in accordance with Australian Standard #AS 1418-15.

Our recertification is a comprehensive inspection and repair process which includes the following:

  • Carry out the testing procedure on all functions and operations. Document any irregularities.
  • Fully test and inspect the boom slew function.
  • Remove the concrete placing boom from the pedestal.
  • Dismantle the concrete placing boom complete.
  • Sandblast disassembled metal boom structure.
  • Carry out crack testing on all welds and metal sandblasted structure via magnetic flux particle and dye penetrant crack testing methods.
  • Repair all areas exhibiting faults and cracks including outrigger roller support bearings etc.
  • Remove, inspect and pressure test all hydraulic cylinders, control valves and motion control valves. Reseal and repair where necessary. (N.B. Parts associated with the concrete placing boom and stabiliser system only!)
  • Remove and replace all boom bushes that are deemed to be worn or faulty shall be replaced.
  • All boom travelling support mechanisms will be inspected.
  • Reassemble.
  • Prepare & paint, boom & pedestal only.
  • Commission.

The reconditioned unit will be inspected by an N.A.T.A. approved testing authority and all repair works will be checked and certified by this independent body. Appropriate documentation will be available. All necessary stabilisation and weight testing shall be carried out prior to the delivery of the unit.

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