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We provide Paste pumps for mining backfill and co-disposal applications. Materials can have up to 100mm aggregate.


The Flowtech Paste Pump JSP-2120 H-D pumping system can be custom designed to suit your needs. It is capable of pumping anything that can be drawn into a cylinder and is ideally suited toward pumping pastes and thickened slurries or powders. Pastes can contain rocks up to 100mm in size! Product can be pumped considerable distances using a combination of flexible or solid lines. The pumping unit and hydraulics power pack can be supplied separately or combined either on a skid frame, trailer or truck, with an Electric or Diesel driven power system. Systems range in size from 4 to 1000 cubic metres per hour depending on your application at a range of pressures from 0 to 150 Bar (product pressure). Our engineers can work with you to provide you with further information and in depth study of your pumping requirements this ensures optimum performance and adaptability to your site and applications.

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